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Anxiety Driven is real, raw and uncut.  It is expression through creative writing and personal messages shared by MMA athlete Jens Pulver and creative writer Todd Smith.  Together, Jens and Todd have created a place to empty their heart and mind while living life with anxiety and depression.  Unified with a message to stop living in the dark and step into the light…knowing peace is attainable, it exists and will be achieved.  Welcome to “Anxiety Driven”.

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Don't Stay Lost Forever Kid

Oct 29

10/29/2012 8:04 PM  RssIcon

Everyone needs something to believe in.  We all need someone to believe in us.  Spending your whole life trapped beneath and choking on the dust of that dream you never touched.  We all bought into that bully on the bus...Pushing your confidence around while hearing voices on the playground.  Standing in line waiting to be punched...I know you've lost your way...Yes, it's true we all have...Just don't stay lost forever kid.

How many times did you tell yourself to fight?  That time came and something fell apart inside.  It plays over and over in your head.  Why must we buy into the words others have said?  You're afraid to walk the hallways, finding shortcuts to avoid the ambush.  Spending your whole life trying to rid yourself of weakness. Lost in the make up and trying to fit in.  Losing your smile trying to dwell in the cool things

You're manufactured and wired in love and can't find it within you to defend yourself. The thought of violence just doesn't add up...Throwing a punch doesn't make a connection...From your mind to your fist you resist the thought.  Made fun of because the way you talk.  A stutter because your mind sputters and all you can do is walk away while others begin their chatter.  Their laughter crashes and splashes into mental disaster.  Missing classes and catching passes, finding your way home to feel alone again.

I don't know who you are, but I will fight for you.  If you need a friend I will take one on the chin.  You are who you are...You're a beautiful being.  Listen to me and let it ring.  One strong stance to make it stop. One strong voice to tell yourself enough.  Pick yourself up and re write a new ending...Stop bending to break...For God sakes child fill up your love bank and finish the race.  Begin to love yourself for who you are and walk the hallways in strength.  Don't let the beating seal your fate...I'll stand with you while you stare that bully in the face.  Create a new beginning and "Don't Stay Lost Forever Kid."

Todd W. Smith 

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Re: Don't Stay Lost Forever Kid

Another great post! It's comforting to know the inner struggles many of us have are what unite us sometimes. Thanks for the post Jens!

By Amin on   10/29/2012 9:14 PM

Re: Don't Stay Lost Forever Kid

Thanks for sharing Amin. #NvrFlySolo

By Todd W. Smith on   10/29/2012 9:31 PM

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